Project-Based Recruitment

Whether it’s a product launch, the opening of a new facility, or the expansion of a service line, there will be times when your hiring needs cannot be met by your internal recruitment team.Project-based recruitment offers a scalable solution for supplementing in-house recruiting efforts, allowing HR professionals to maintain their relationship with hiring managers, while at the same time, being able to deliver results.  This is often a cost-effective alternative to increasing the size of your recruitment team, or the increased use of contingency search firms.



To begin the process we sit down with you to discuss the project scope.Together we discuss roles and responsibilities and create a timeline for deliverables.Once we have determined the process, we begin the recruitment and within a short time you will have a consistent flow of candidates that are qualified, interested and ready to interview. In addition to sourcing and screening candidates, we can assist with reference checking and the offer process, working with you to ensure a greater acceptance rate.When the project is complete, the costs associated with staffing go away with no further commitment.

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