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Our goal extends beyond completing the search.We are not successful until we are sure that we have hired the right person for your organization.  Prior to beginning each search, we sit with you to create a strategy.We look at the role, how it fits into the organization and the long-term objectives.  We try to gain an understanding of your company culture and the type of backgrounds that have succeeded long-term.  We work together to identify roles and responsibilities and create timelines so that we understand the challenges ahead.


Advantages to working with us

When you recruit at the executive level the candidate pool is not a big as when you are looking for mid-level management.  Large search firms deal with more companies and usually have non-solicitation agreements with them, which makes your candidate pool even smaller.  When you are looking for an executive to help run your company, it is likely that you are going to want someone who has demonstrated success at one of your competitors.  GXP Search is a boutique search firm and we deal with only a select group of clients.  Therefore, there are few companies that we cannot recruit from, which ultimately give you a greater talent pool to choose from.

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